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The Valparai bungalows were actually the form of residence, having various symbolism throughout the globe. Prevalent attributes to quite a few (however possibly not many) of these kind of meanings incorporate getting detached, very low-surge, and with the make use of corridor or veranda. This name has come from India, happening through a Gujarati bungalows, that in converted through the Hindustani bungalow, indicating North Indian Bengali as well as employed elliptically pertaining to a residence in West Bengal design. These buildings were typically compact, exclusively one adventure, thatched, and have the extensive veranda or corridor.

Valparai Accommodations - Tea Bungalows
The name Valparai bungalows is initially discovered in British in sixteenth century, exactly where that was employed to express British bungalows in India pertaining to British mariners with that East India Company that don't seem like quite great accommodations. Soon after it evolved into the ample residences or recognized accommodations of administrators associated with British Raj, and seemed to be consequently identified with Britain and soon after America, in which that was primarily possessed substantial reputation and spectacular connotations, and commenced to possibly be employed in the nineteenth centuries pertaining to great nation or suburban residences constructed within a great Arts and Crafts.

Progress in arranging to vacation is quite essential so it is possible to delight in your own vacation without the headaches. Progress arranging involves arranging your tickets and to build progress arranging for complete suite of one's choice. From amongst the offered cottages how does everyone select the best that is almost best suited to everyone?  This is most hard thing. So decide your Valparai bungalows in well advance.

To begin with sit down and to consider spend money on just what you are looking at even though deciding on that complete. Certainly you are looking at the correct spot so your own vacation is actually excellent. After you have determined the place for your trip and considered a number of cottages out there. To be ready to select the one particular bungalow in Valparai that is perfectly suites you and does plenty of research on that. You have become to guesstimate the range of people planning with you on vacation and exactly how many suites would be necessary. Parents might consult for independent or double sharing basis when kids can all promote suites by on their own off with parents. Consequently decide on one or two holiday rooms to significantly adequate to provide everybody.

Valparai Accommodations - Valparai bungalows list

  •     Monica Garden Bungalow, Tourism Division of Tea Estates India Ltd, 16/80, Monica Division, Stanmore
  •     SinnaDorai Bungalow
  •     Stanmore Garden Bungalow
  •     Ingiparai Estate
  •     Sirukundra Bungalow, Tourism Division of Tea Estates India Ltd, 33/265, Sirukundra Division,
        Valparai Sumangala Bungalow Resorts
  •     Sumagala Estate, Sholayar Dam
  •     Talayar Valley Bungalow
  •     V-363, Kannan Devan Hills Village,, Talliar post, Idukki
  •     STM Bungalow Resorts in Valparai, 17, Sholaiyar Nagar,, Upper Sholayar Dam,
  •     Monica Garden Bungalow

Valparai Resorts and Hotels : Valparai is a small pristine hill station that stands majestically with green carpeted mountains, cascading waterfalls, caves, spectacular dams and rainforest all around. Situated within the proximity of 55 Kms from the Great Mount Resort, Pollachi, it is set at an altitude of 3500 feet in the Coimbatore district. The route to Valparai has 40 hairpin bends which make the ride exciting and breathtaking.

Valparai is full of undulating hills and is mostly draped by tea plantations and backed by splendid stretch of beautiful Western Ghats. Valparai is famous for the captivating view and sheer beauty that nature has bestowed on it. The major portions of the land in Valparai is owned by private tea companies, however large forest areas still continue to be out of bounds and have diverse flora and fauna.

Valparai Resort : Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort
Valparai Resort : Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort
Great Mount Resort:The resort co-exists in harmony with its community and the environment, providing benefits to local people and protection to the land. Resort activities are designed to encourage an appreciation of nature,local culture and social conditions. It is also built with energy efficiency in mind, using traditional construction techniques for insulation and cooling. The positioning of the accommodation around the pond allows breezes to provide a natural cooling effect. The hay covered roofs of the accommodations contribute in reducing the radiation heat thereby reducing the energy consumption on air-conditioning. Resources are conserved by the use of low energy LED & CFL lamps which have been used widely throughout the resort. The pond in the center of the property is also used for the rain water harvesting. The same water is used for the irrigation of the lawn and other trees inside the property.
Valparai Resorts : Briar Tea Bungalows

Nostalgia galore! That is the most befitting expression to characterize the Briar Bungalows. The minute you walk into a bungalow, you will feel that you have frozen a luxurious time frame from the colonial past in a well maintained palatial house strategically placed within an old plantation that still meets the highest of hospitality and amenity standards. Built over 80 to 90 years back, the interior of these Bungalows are tastefully furnished with a combination of high quality teak-wood and rosewood. [Read More]

Valparai Resorts and Hotels : Hornbill Castle

Hornbill Castle home stay at Valparai  is a clean and tranquil place away from the Valparai town. We try to create the best venue with great home cooked foods for you. Enjoy your holiday at our cottage in Valparai,  One of the best among other hotels and resorts in and around  Valparai at Medium Budget.

Valparai Resorts : Valparai Holiday Home

Valparai Holiday Home is one of the valued Tours and Travels for customers. We take care of from your arrival location to destination location. Our expert and proficient team offer you the best travel experiences throughout the vivid land of rich culture and heritage. We prepare Tour package specially based on your choice. We have arrange Tours and Travels for many customers including southern states, Northern states and for abroad customers.

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Places to Visit

  • Solaiyar Dam

  • Balaji Temple

  • Pancha Mugha Vinayakar Temple

  • Monkey Falls

  • Aaliyar Dam

  • Athirampalli Falls

  • Estates at both sides of the road

  • Chinnakallar dam

  • nallamudi poonjolai

  • koolangal aaru

  • waterfalls more details of these attractions here

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