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Do you know the reason for the name Valparai?

Cinnakallar Falls - Valparai
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Do you know the reason for the name * Valparai * ?? A Chilean called Valparai

Where there are no human footprints the smell of darkness holds the breath of the unborn child. I even remember once knowing God came and went …

  • The waterfall is pouring
  • Touching the horizon
  • Getting to depths

The second or first place for lion-tailed monkeys in India. Just as there is one who has Adi in the beginning with that.
40 needle curves ….. As you slowly crawl over more than 50 small curves … This “tail rock” that glitters in any of your colors will give you heaven while you live.

Always mild weather. Surrounded by rain and mountains, it is a mountainous region resembling the Latin American country of “Chile”. This town is located at a distance of 100 km from Coimbatore. I am happy that it is not so much in the eyes of most tourists. I still wish no one had come there to wander about the shadow of the trunks on the trunk of a wild elephant walking alone on the lonely Valparai suburban roads. 64 km from Pollachi. Beyond the #Azhiyar Dam #Kurangu_Aruvi Thanti போது When you reach the top beyond the arches of the hill, you will be greeted by #Attakatti. Following that, cross the “Tiger Valley” .. Cross the #waterball # Cross the bakery and head down to get down. Loneliness crumbles. Stirring inside though.

Scholar #Carver_Marsh during the English period discovered a village in the forests of Anaimalai. The town was a desolate meadow, a marvelous forest of trees at the heart of the hillside. He cut the hill and put the road. Bent over and went upstairs. The forest moved. Eyes full. Coffee and tea, snowdrops, tigers and elephants, marbles, rivers, streams, sky-silver, so !!!, amazing sky spread over them. The amazing forest split side by side. Oral history says that mass casualties occurred during the period of the formation of this mountain pass. The burning iceberg novel illustrates this fact.

Famine-stricken people migrated from Palani, #Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, #Erode, Mysore, Dharmapuri, Sri Lanka. Line houses were built of black stone. It resembled the houses of #Chile. This place, which looks like Chile, is named after the important city of Chile, #Valparaiso. Over time Valparaiso has become #Valparai.

They began to work with firewood, clean rainwater, and occasional dripping streams, canals, and houses for free. The forest turned into tea and coffee. Valparai are full of sloping areas for growing tea. Water should not stagnate for tea. But at the same time must be constantly out of the water. That’s where it always rains ghosts. I now feel like a re-occurrence of the Big Bang with the magic of making all the rain green.

It happened there. Valparai is fertile. Livable. The town is full. Subsequently the town was born. The mountain and the hilly life were fascinating. All the houses narrated like a joint family. Whoever was waiting for the door of the house to open and knock with the blessings of God who always opens. But the historical error is that the people still do not drink the high quality tea and coffee made there. The surviving seed of history. It is up to the people of Valparai to decide whether it is the tragedy of life or the thirst for life that is gaining ground as they are coming down from that wonderful sky little by little on the issue of salary now that time has passed.

One of the strongest news. No tea plant. Tree. Once every five years, the head of the leaf, which is said to be pruned, is evenly carved.

There is a town called #Cinkona & #Chinnakallar. That’s it .. Cherrapunji in Valparai. Continuous rain .. Dense forest. Fear snow. Remember the flame.

#Kavarkal is always snowy. The highest point where the snow spreads so high that even the oncoming people are unaware. The moment the angels walk in the cloud is the moment they cross the cover stone. He stretched out his hand from the envelope showing the pale green and white carnage wherever you see the rectangular nature of death. Behold, there is a town on this side. ”They have a statue of #CarverMarsh.

To this day, the sight of the statue of #CarverMarsh staring thirsty like a lion fearless in the snow is a mesmerizing event. Valiant effect.

Most people would not have known that a wild path from Valparai to Chalakudy through Athirapally Falls, Sarpa Falls and Valachal Falls passes through #Malikaipparai. I’m one of those people who realized it was the best trip ever. The Tamil Nadu border ends at Shekal Mudi and then the vast forest begins to expand

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